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SUBWAY is the official NY Subway Series Baseball Song. It was featured at Yankee Stadium Game One between the National Anthem and the First Pitch of the 2000 World Series. It was also featured at all the other games of the 2000 World Series. The song was widely heard on Radio and TV across the US. SUBWAY along with THE GAME IS OVER (Baseball Strike Song) both have received critical acclaim and are both "cult" hits and have even garnered Jim an ASCAP award. Baseball Almanac has called both songs "Modern Classics". The CD also includes 11 other well-crafted songs and the CD is just $14.95 and that includes S&H. This makes a great gift for the baseball lover in your life.

Subway Lyrics

I remember my Daddy talkin' 'bout the days gone by
When he started talkin' baseball I could see a look in his eye
I could reach out and I almost could touch
His cherished memories I had longed for so much
But he told me it could never happen again
Daddy raved about the Yankee Clipper, the things that he'd done
Ebbets Field and the Polo Grounds, Jackie Robinson
Bobby Thompson's shot heard 'round the world
And the perfect game Don Larsen hurled
But he told me it could never happen again


I'm gettin' on a subway tonight
I'm headin' to the stadium, that 's right
The city's gonna rock tonight as we make history
Can't you smell the hot dogs, taste the beer,
Take me back in time to yesteryear
I wouldn't trade this ticket for the world oh not today
I'm gettin' on the subway

Daddy tell me 'bout the "Boys of Summer", the rivalries
And the ballyard in the Southern Bronx, October dynasties
But then the saddest days remembered by most
When the other teams left for the coast
And they thought that it could never happen again

Repeat Chorus

Daddy, Daddy what you doin' tonight
I got an extra ticket, just say alright
Cause we both know that this may never happen, never happen again

Repeat Chorus

Copyright 1998 Nuztunes Music

 CD Contents

Subway 4:09
One Night Together 4:25
Good Life 4:34
Natural Thing to Do 3:30
Are You Afraid 4:23
Love is the Reason 4:22
Share 3:47
Darlin' Don't Break My Heart 3:56
The Days of Sunshine 4:18
Are We There Yet 4:01
Forever In Your Arms 4:52
Some Brighter Days 4:10
The Game Is Over (A Fan's Lament --- MLB Strike 1994) 5:51